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Embrace the power of raw foods

Embrace the power of raw foods

Many people around the world have started eating more and more raw food to boost their immunity and overall health.

This does not mean that they are transformed into a raw diet. However, many people introduce healthy habits like #MeatFreeMondays or one raw salad food in their diet each day as a more practical, less polarized solution for introducing raw foods into modern diets.


There are many reasons why many people who care about their health have chosen to choose more natural, full-value foods in their diet. Many are more likely to have symptoms associated with their diet, including lethargy and low energy levels, overweight, irritability, susceptibility to disease, allergies, food intolerances, and digestive problems. Many people who change their diet to a diet based largely on a raw diet are likely to experience relief from many, if not all, of these problems. The first thing most people report when detoxing and switching to a raw diet is increased vitality, lightness and a good immune system.

Other benefits include emotional stability, good mood, a sense of connection and clarity, as well as various physical manifestations such as improved quality of hair, skin and nails. Post-exercise recovery time has also accelerated and improvements in fitness and strength have also been reported.


These many benefits are primarily derived from the nutritional value of natural foods, which retain more of their beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals because they are not compromised by the cooking process. Consumption of raw foods means that they are in their natural state, which gives our body more nutrients, because the cooking process can destroy up to 80% of the nutrient content of food when heat-treated at temperatures as high as 160 ° C. Essential minerals, vitamins and enzymes are destroyed by high-temperature modern cooking processes, and therefore raw food enthusiasts prefer to use low-temperature dehydration to heat and dry food.

This breakdown of the enzyme also means that the food needs more energy to digest, while cooking also increases the acid-forming nature of the food. This causes a change in the acid-base balance in our body, which can result in many illnesses when our internal environment becomes acidic.

Organic raw foods also have higher nutritional values ​​than commercially grown foods. Commercial agriculture can decompose the soil with minerals, which in turn can reduce the micronutrient content of our foods.

The reality is that our body needs tens of thousands of nutrients, some of which we have yet to discover, and are naturally supplied by organically grown raw foods. Per gram, the nutritional content of raw foods seems low from a macronutrient point of view, but the value lies in a large number of minerals and vitamins present in plants. This means that you are on a low-calorie, high-nutrient micronutrient diet.


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